I have this Really Important headcanon that after the war, Harry takes Grimmauld Place and converts it into a children’s home for Hogwarts students who can’t or shouldn’t or don’t want to go back home for the summer holidays because of Serious Reasons because like. If he hadn’t had to go back to the Dursley’s every summer. If Tom Riddle had been able to stay at Hogwarts all year instead of returning to his horrible life. If beaten down, neglected, destitute, depressed, miserable kids who see Hogwarts as A Way Out could just be removed from those toxic melancholy destructive environments even more permanently. 

He calls it the R.J. Lupin House and takes volunteers from both the existing Hogwarts staff and the general Hogwarts-oriented wizarding community for caregivers etc. during the summer months. Sometimes there’s summer programming for education or just for funsies and sometimes there isn’t and it’s just a place for kids to live and be themselves as they deserve to be. And Harry holds lil’ Quidditch matches for the athletic kids and Neville is among the first to volunteer and that’s how he gets his start on the track to becoming a full-blown professor. 

Do you ever cry

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Hilary Duff at Marquee Nightclub tonight.

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It’s one of those days that I think I’m really funny.


It’s one of those days that I think I’m really funny.

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If you think about it, Harry is one of the most amazing characters in the entire series, and he’s never given enough credit (strange, isn’t it, given that the entire series is about him).

  • He forgave Snape and Dumbledore. I don’t know how he found it in himself to do this, because both of them treated him like shit, and didn’t really deserve his forgiveness.
  • His attitude towards Pettigrew is incredible. You never find Harry as furious with Pettigrew as you think he should be. You never find him thinking about him with hatred, although he fully deserves it. Harry despises Bellatrix. He knows the difference between someone like Bellatrix and someone like Peter.
  • He tries to pull Peter’s metal hand away from his throat for god’s sake.This is the man that betrayed his parents and was now working for a wizard who wants to murder him.
  • He uses ‘expelliarmus’ on a death eater trying to kill him because he didn’t want to knock him off his broom.
  • He even manages to find some sympathy for Voldemort. Dumbledore himself is surprised by that.
  • He returns the elder wand.
  • He is the one who decides to go back for Malfoy when they’re stuck in the burning room of requirement.
  • He feels sorry for Malfoy when he sees to what use he’s being put by Voldemort.

And yet he doesn’t come off as an insufferable do-gooder. Rowling makes him so real. He’s jealous of Cedric and of Dean, he has blow ups with Ron, he frequently behaves like a typical obstinate teenager, he laughs at Fred and George’s jokes, he finds Hermione exasperating at times. He is the perfect hero. Moral and ethical, but not so much so that he seems like something out of a Morality Play from Medieval times.
He’s human-a flawed one, but a good one, and that’s what brings him to life, and makes us feel so fond of him.

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mario party more like if you steal one more of my stars i’ll fucking murder you

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Natalie Dormer & Sophie Turner | HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” Panel And Q&A - Comic-Con International 2014 on July 25, 2014

Sophie Turner’s camp counselor crush on Nat Dormer is fully giving me life, you guys.




How to spoon:

  • Dick hard on the butt
  • Titty in my hand
  • Kiss ya neck
  • Hell yeah


  • H E L L Y E A H

Can you not?

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